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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

World News : Women's Health common method of contraception

The most commonly used contraceptive methods are oral contraceptives, topical contraceptives, tools contraception, barrier methods of contraception, the rhythm method, sterilization, etc., although in contraception own strengths, but there are also drawbacks.

Female short-acting oral contraceptives:
  Daily doses of birth control pills, the advantage of the most satisfactory contraceptive effect, fewer side effects. The current study also showed that oral contraceptives prevent endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer role, but does not increase the incidence of breast cancer. Its main drawback is the impact on the cardiovascular system, an increase in cardiovascular disease, elevated blood lipids, the likelihood of thrombosis incidence. In addition, daily use of more trouble, easily missed, resulting in contraceptive failure.

Female long-acting oral contraceptives:
  It is a synthetic estrogen, taken once a month, simple, convenient and relatively safe. The disadvantage is the cause high blood pressure, there is the risk of latent diabetes medication period is generally not more than 5 years. Effectiveness and side effects of the drug injection is basically the same.

The rhythm method:
  In the month of female ovulation, that is vulnerable to sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy in order to achieve the purpose of contraception methods. The advantage of this method is that the side effects of birth control pills may be waived and trouble, instruments and side effects of contraceptive methods and tools for surgery and other concerns, the disadvantage is the high failure rate.
Norplant long-acting contraceptives:
  Load progesterone drugs in the silicone tube implanted in the skin, can be slowly released from the capsule in a row, play a long-acting contraceptive effect. The advantage is the small amount of drugs had no effect on breast-feeding, the drug does not pass through the liver, lipid levels were normal. The disadvantage irregular vaginal bleeding, menstrual reduced amenorrhea; use and stop using the need for surgery.
Emergency contraception:
  Postcoital use of a remedy. 1970s began, large doses of estrogen drugs, estrogen and progestin combination therapy, but the effect is not very satisfactory, nausea, vomiting heavier. Recent studies showed that the role of one meter Fez is ideal, mild side effects, but the drug development time is shorter, needs further observation as drug use once a month, did not apply to the clinic.
Topical contraceptives:
  There are many commonly used contraceptive film 741. The advantage is easy to use, the disadvantage is less when vaginal secretions, affecting the film with dissolution, and thus affect the contraceptive effect, some people have vaginal burning, vaginal secretions increase side effects.
  Artificially placed in the uterine cavity foreign body, mostly metal ring, inhibiting implantation embryo sac, there are some birth control pills and IUDs copper inside, serve to increase the role of contraceptive effect. The advantage is convenience, the role of durable, safe and effective, but side effects are obvious, such as belt loops pregnancy, menstrual volume, abdominal pain, loss or ectopic IUD and so on.
  Including female sterilization and male sterilization, the most common female tubal ligation, vasectomy male sterilization. Surgical sterilization, the effect completely. If you want another pregnancy, surgical recanalization the job.

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