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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Changes in the global market for 2016, will impact on the research market

Research the market in 2016, there will be much change , only that researcher old documents were found on the basis of their work , so they will have a deeper study of the market. Not only deep study, they collect data by the survey, magazine, research paper, news paper, blogger, top columnist and online survey is a specific and widely special source. 

Rapidly changing digital landscape , the researcher, s re- think their roles brands consumers, The researchers think that they have a right to come into the market with in-depth study is needed to Problem, Difficulties encountered in the market is capable of handling , buying and selling products, and product storage are required to take the necessary knowledge.

Five challenges researchers must tackle in 2016

1. Delivering Meaningful Personalization
2. Taking a holistic view of consumer Experiences
3. Judging the right moment of engage
4. Fusing data with strategic thinking
5. Understanding social media behavior

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