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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Russia - India Form Joint Venture Relationship To Promote Market Growth And Make In India Programme A Success

Russia want follow joint Venture with make in India programme, Russia want manufacture heavy machinery and discuss about setting up joint exercise facilities in India during in year 2016 at the end of march. Commercial Officer and other officials of the two countries, which are associated with the program will start soon, a program consisting .

Russia' s Latest dangerous and top fighter Plane "Sukhoi 30" manufacture like make in India project. On being asked by ET if Sukhoi would consider its traditional partner — Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Or other Indian Aeronautics Companies for the proposed JV, Chishchevoy said the Russian delegation is in talks with private companies and that Ratan Tata Agency (Companies) is the only one with technical expertise. 

Fighter Plane Sukhoi 30 is a big business, maintenance and service of Sukhoi 30 considering that the Air Force is believed to be spending three thousend crore annually on the fleet. Bramhos was formed as a joint venture between India and Russia' s defense and research organization, Brahmos names came from Brahmaputra and the grace of Russian moskova river, it' s flow between moskow city.

The success of "Brahmos" mission at programme joint venture has emerged due to the shared vision of people of both the countries to create common civilization, culture and strategic and dynamic relationship in this region.

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